Features and operations (SHIVA)

Features and operations

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The SHIVA software contains a range of features and operations which enable objects to be manipulated in various ways

  • Moving objects
  • Rotating objects
  • Resizing, or changing the dimensions of objects
  • Drilling holes
  • Pumping or inflating the model (adds material, or removes it!)
  • Duplicating objects
  • Rotating the model
  • Printing the model


  • How you are viewing the model changes how the operations appear to behave (always reset view)
  • Changes to the object’s size may not do what you think – it depends on their orientation (if you have made an object ‘rotate up’ 90 degrees and then make it taller, it will appear to be getting deeper)
  • Rotating is not what you think! (The object rotates according to itself)
  • Drill holes don’t move with the objects so do them last
  • Make printable models, or not!

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Moving objects

Objects can be moved in various ways in 3 dimensions and can be swapped with each other as shown in this video:

Resizing objects

Objects can be resized in various dimensions including height, width, depth, and combinations:


The drill operation can be used for various purposes including eyes for characters. In this video we show how the drill can be used to create a ‘Swiss cheese’ effect. The drill diameter can be adjusted.


Objects can be rotated in various ways. Rotations are combined with each other, so if you rotate an object 90 degrees to the left and then rotate up, the object will appear to roll right. This can be a bit confusing at times!


Pumping ‘inflates’ the whole model. It adds material between objects. Reducing the pump too much, makes the model disappear!